EASY DriveFix+


A permanent Pothole repair system

An extremely easy to use and effective permanent asphalt repair system that requires no training or special skills for use.

It is an ideal solution for the DIY user or professional and its uses are wide and varied from pothole repairs to utility reinstatements and patchwork repairs on car parks, private or commercial driveways and many more locations.

Available in a 15kg tub.

EASY DriveFix+


1m² at 8mm depth

Features & Benefits

  • Works in puddles and standing water
  • Suitable for all surfaces and categories
  • Ready to use permanent instant repair solution
  • Ideal for potholes and utility reinstatements
  • Road can be opened immediately after repair
  • Binds well with concrete and steel
  • Excellent load bearing capacity
  • EASY to use
  • Can be used in the wet and is still workable in sub-zero temperatures
  • No need to trim the edges of pothole
  • No need to apply sealer or primer to repair
  • Open to traffic immediately
  • Will adhere to edges even in water filled holes
  • Will adhere to concrete, metal and asphalt

Brief usage instructions


Clean any loose debris from the hole. It does not matter if the hole is filled with water - EASY DriveFix+ will work just as well.


Pour EASY DriveFix+ into the hole and spread it across the repair in a layer no deeper than 50mm (2 inches).


Tamp down HARD starting from the outside working inwards. Add additional layers, each no deeper than 50mm, tamping them as much as possible before adding the next layer.


The top layer when fully compacted should slightly overfill the hole and form a small crown. Job done!

Should you wish the repair to be completed to the same standard as might be required for say, the public highway, then additional steps need to be taken:

Additional Step 1

Before filling the pothole or utility reinstatement with EASY DriveFix+, saw-cut the edges to form a square "frame"

Additional Step 2

Seal the cut edges with a proprietary bitumen tack coat to ensure a firm bond of the EASY DriveFix+ to the edges of the pothole or utility reinstatement

Then follow steps 2 to 4